International Students

Things to Think About

  • Springwood School has a challenging academic program with instruction that focuses on preparing students, both intellectually and personally for college.
  • Involved teachers, challenging coursework, and small classes prompt students to stretch themselves and to reach their full potential.
  • With discussion based classes, independent research, preparation for AP exams, ACT and SAT preparatory courses, Springwood’s objective is to prepare our students to thrive in all of their future endeavors.

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The smallest class for me is-- the math class, we have 10 people in our class. And our teacher can pay attention to us. On the math class, you're taught about all the math equations. And the teacher, Mr. Reynolds, he interacts with us. He teaches us on his board and we can discuss about it.

So every class in Springwood is college prep. And we also have the ESL class for students that speak English as a second language.

I pretty much love all the students in the school here. And sometimes we play basketball, or some of them will come to the International Building to play ping pong. And we get along on the class pretty well. Sometimes we help each other on the study or on homework.

We offer 12 AP classes. And the workload is definitely heavier than the CP and normal classes. But it prepares you for college because the classes are fairly independent and you have to do all your research before tests. So by taking AP classes and passing the AP exams, we can get college credits. So I took Chinese online last year. And it was really easy for me to access the system because every information and lesson is stored online and I can go back and study it any time I want.

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