International Students

International Student Services

  • International students from 15 different countries have attended Springwood School and currently international students make up 20% of our high school student population.
  • Springwood provides all students with a challenging, college preparatory curriculum and additionally Springwood students are offered AP and honors classes.
  • ESL Support is offered twice daily for international students.
  • Our advisors and counselors make it a priority for our international students to easily transition from their home country to Springwood and then into the colleges of their choice, by assisting in college and scholarship applications.

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At Springwood, we have academic support available for all students. We have an academic support teacher that comes in three days a week and works with students both during our 7th period and after school. For our ESL students, we have academic support as well, and it's available in two different ways. We have a seventh period time where I work with them. And then we also have the academic support after school in which the academic support teacher works with them

Springwood enrolled our first international student in 1998, but it was in 2012 that, officially, the Springwood International Student Program began In 2018, we opened the Springwood International House residence for students.

Prior to this, all of our students had lived with host families. Springwood has enrolled international students from 17 different countries over the last several years. 20% of the high school population is now made up by international students, and we expect that percentage to continue to grow.

Springwood's test scores are consistently above the state and the national averages for both the ACT and the SAT. We currently use an online test preparation as well as test prep booklets, and we work with kids both during the school day, and they can work on it on their own time. At Springwood, we have college advisors that work with students to help them with the college application process. We help them to find the colleges that they're interested in, have the programs of interest, and also in the locations and within their cost budget and then, hopefully, help them determine there are multiple options. And then they can choose what's best for them.

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