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  • “Ideally located in the Southeast, Educating students throughout the World” is Springwood International’s motto.
  • Our central location makes Springwood School a prime place for study abroad, as students are given many opportunities to visit, learn, and explore the surrounding areas.
  • Being approximately one hour’s drive from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport gives students easy access to any destination in the world, including traveling home.

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We have a good number of colleges nearby. We have several community colleges that are very close by and several major larger universities as well. And I think going and touring and seeing these campuses and the environment around these schools has helped us to appreciate the environment that we have here at Springwood.

A day trip around here-- we'd maybe go to Auburn and go around downtown Auburn. Or there's movie theaters and different parks that you can go to. One thing that I've done here with Interim Week, we've gone zip lining at Banning Mills. The Chattahoochee River and West Point Lake, we'll go kayaking and paddle boarding and swimming and different things like that.

On a day trip, we went with Mr. Johnson and my friend, my roommate, we went to the zoo and Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. And we had fun.

Some science and technology attractions near to us are, for example, the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama. It's just a couple hours away. You can get there in a day, be back by that evening.

There's an infantry museum in Columbus, Georgia. There's a science center in Huntsville, Alabama. And there's also a McWane Science Center in Birmingham.

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