Local Area

Progress Over Time

  • The rich history and progression of our surrounding community enhances the dynamics of Springwood School.
  • Our community, made up of three small towns, includes a local university, which has brought growth and diversity to the area.
  • Located nearby Springwood School is a major retail area where students love to shop and dine.
  • Our temperate southern climate allows students to enjoy the outdoors year around. Located near lakes and rivers, our students can take advantage of the outdoor recreational water sports and opportunities.

West Point was a textile community. And back in the 90s, that industry died and left the US. We've had a resurgence with the university here moving into town. With Kia manufacturing building their plant here in West Point, we just made a complete turnaround. Our downtown is thriving now, we're getting new residents all the time and it's been a great thing.

The colleges in the area here are a great benefit. And we're blessed in the sense that we have a local university, Point, right here in West Point. We have Southern Union Community College in the valley, and of course, a great SEC institution Auburn University. So, we're kind of the nucleus here in West Point and Springwood, having so many opportunities for higher education, for the graduates here at Springwood School.

The students here at Springwood have access to a wonderful sports complex in Valley, Alabama known as the Valley Sportsplex.

It's in a neighboring community here, it's a wonderful facility with football, soccer, baseball, indoor swimming, exercise-- just a great facility to go in and relax and have a good time.

Tiger town is the largest retail center in east Alabama. It provides our students a very accessible area to shop, and really an opportunity you can take friends and hang out, go out to eat, go to a movie, and really just enjoy the commercial world there in Auburn.

We have many students here at Springwood that commute. That's one of the great things about our campus is we're drawing students from such a wide variety of areas-- LaGrange, Auburn, Opelika, Beulah, Callaway Gardens area, Harris County, Georgia. We do run buses to some of these communities, many of them carpool, many of them drive their own car if they're that age. So we're drawing them all in and they all find a home here at Springwood.