Welcome to Springwood

Safety & Location

  • Springwood School’s safe and nurturing environment create the perfect atmosphere for students to grow and develop. In a secure atmosphere, students at Springwood discover and develop talents as scholars, artists, and athletes and are encouraged to find their niche.
  • Springwood School sits on 46 acres of woods, with one private entrance, and school buildings that are connected by covered walkways throughout the campus. The campus is a well-lit with keypad entries at the “Springwood International House” residence. Students have a five minute walk under a covered walkway from the International House to the classrooms.

Our campus is very secure. I think one of the biggest blessings that we enjoy is a beautiful driveway that people come up and it separates us from the hustle and bustle of the traffic.

Secondly, we've got all kinds of safety features when you do arrive on the campus, including video surveillance, including the alarm system that we have. We have a great relationship with our local law enforcement. They're very quick to respond to any needs that we have, and we appreciate that.

And then, of course with the International House, and now being a 24/7 campus, all the security features that we have there with the key pads to get into the building and the lighting around campus. We keep it well lit at night. Those are things that we think certainly lend to being as safe as possible.

The location of Springwood is something that often is talked about. And so walking from building to building, the wooded acreage that we have, the grassy areas, 46 acres of land and space for us to use with the ball fields and the International House and the seven buildings that we have on campus.

Of course, Auburn being 30 minutes away, Columbus about 45-50 minutes way, Birmingham and Montgomery, we feel like we're really centrally located. I tell people we're one hour and 15 minutes from anywhere in the world. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport being a 75-minute drive gives us easy access to anywhere we want to go in the world.