Welcome to Springwood

Safety & Location

  • Springwood School’s safe and nurturing environment create the perfect atmosphere for students to grow and develop. In a secure atmosphere, students at Springwood discover and develop talents as scholars, artists, and athletes and are encouraged to find their niche.
  • Springwood School sits on 46 acres of woods, with one private entrance, and school buildings that are connected by covered walkways throughout the campus. The campus is a well-lit with keypad entries at the “Springwood International House” residence. Students have a five minute walk under a covered walkway from the International House to the classrooms.

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The Springwood environment is a very warm environment. It has a personal feel to it. So students know the faculty well. Students know each other well. And it's almost like a family.

The location of Springwood-- not only being in a small town, we're only an hour from Atlanta, which has one of the best airports in the world. So people can fly in here and get here real quickly, and it's only an hour drive. So it's real easy for us to bring people in from around the world to be a part of our community.

The other thing is, we don't have the distractions here, because we're in a smaller town environment. So students, when they're studying, can really stay focused. There's not a lot of distractions of the big city to draw them out. But on the weekends or during breaks, we've got an opportunity to travel together to the big city. You've got all of the options there, all the entertainment options and the educational options. So you've got the best of both worlds.

I can't think of a better location than Springwood School for a student who wants to understand the American academic environment. There's no better place to do that than in Springwood, where you've got the family feel, you've got the Southern hospitality, and you've got the opportunity experienced both small-town and big-town American culture, which is a great preparation for if they want to study in the United States for their higher education experience.

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