Welcome to Springwood

Student Life

  • Springwood is dedicated to creating an environment that allows our students to flourish as team members and individuals.
  • To accommodate interests of all students, Springwood offers 31 clubs, organizations, and teams.
  • Springwood students discover the importance of community involvement and citizenship, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Springwood students are: singers, softball players, artists, dancers, runners, basketball and football players, scholars, thespians, mathematicians, interested in foreign languages, computer technology, community service, and much, much, more.

[music playing]

Here at Springwood, we have a whole bunch of different clubs, extracurricular activities, and just groups that you can be a part of. We have Scholars Bowl, Math Team. We have Choir. You've got Theater.

I'm involved in several organizations and clubs at Springwood. I'm in the Student Government Association. I'm a class officer. And I participate in basketball and cheer. I got involved in these associations because people that I knew before did them, and it looked like it was a good opportunity to get involved in the school and a lot of good things could come out of it.

International students should join a club or a team just to get familiar with culture and get to know more people, be more involved in the environment that they're in, and do the things that you love.

We have a wide variety of fine arts. We have anything from just drawing and painting and such to choir, singing, acting. We cover pretty much all of the bases in the fine arts. And we have a lot of students that participate.

Whatever we do in art appreciation class, our teacher will send into a competition and will try to get different awards for what we've created.

The athletic programs, they can range from track and field to basketball, all the way to football. And for a good number of these athletic programs, we have both girls and boys teams.

Sessions are a weekly assembly that Springwood has. And it's just a time for us to come together. And most of the time, a speaker will come in. But other times, it's just a focus for us to learn about different clubs and organizations that we have here.

Here at Springwood, we give back to the community. We participate in Wildcat Work Day. And each class will have different events and activities to go out in the community to serve other people.

I think that the service that we do around the community helps us to grow as people and as students and contribute to the overall good feeling here at Springwood.