International Students

Springwood International

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We're in the International House. And this is where most of the international students live. My favorite things to do here are just hang out with people in the community room, because that's where we build most of our friendship. And that's the original purpose of this building too, to build relationships of people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The residential program here at Springwood, is really a wonderful opportunity for people from all across the world to interact with each other. There are three full-time staff living here in the house at Springwood.

The students have 24/7 access to us. We provide meals for them. We hang out with them. We take them to the store when they need things. We make sure that they go to the doctor when they need things like that. We have study hall at night, making sure that they can stay focused. And the biggest thing is we make sure that they feel at home, and that they feel safe here.

Each student has their own wardrobe, plenty of storage space for their items, for their clothing, a desk per student. And the rooms are generously sized so they don't feel cramped. Here in the house, the students have everything that they would need to feel at home, to feel safe, and to feel successful at school at Springwood.

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