Welcome to Springwood

Vision of the School

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Springwood is a school celebrating its 50th anniversary in the next school year. It has had a remarkable history of college preparatory excellence-- academic, athletic, sports based, fine arts. So our first 50 years has had just a legacy of a community that develops students at a very high level.

I think one of the most dynamic opportunities Springwood has in the next 50 years is not only to continue the academic rigor and college preparatory excellence which we've had in our first 50 years, but actually to prepare students not just for college but to prepare them for a career and literally for life. The world that the first 50 years of Springwood has taken place in is not the world that our students are going to be walking into.

Our students are going to be going into careers that haven't been created yet, using technology that hasn't been invented yet to solve problems that we don't even know about yet. So our challenge in the next 50 years is to prepare students for the world they're going to, not the world that they are experiencing now or the one we grew up in and worked in.

So we've got to prepare them for an ancient future. What I mean by that is we've got to give the college preparatory background that they need. They've got to know the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. But we also have to prepare them for the world that they're going in, which is going to be very different than the one we're experiencing now.

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