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STEM and Robotics

  • With advanced classroom technology, a 1:1 student laptop program, computers and science labs, and Apple carts, Springwood students are provided the knowledge, tools, and resources to compete in STEM, Robotics, technology, computer science, science, and math competitions.

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I was interested in being a part of robotics. It's a science and technology club. And they create a robot, and then take it to participate in a competition.

We start off with kickoff, where we're given the prompt. Then we bring it back home, and we have a few weeks to brainstorm and begin the engineering process. Robotics also has a marketing aspect to it. And the experience with that is applicable to many different fields. Also, we have a wide variety of scholarly teams here at Springwood, anything from the math team to history competitions we participate in.

We have scholars bowl, which is a team comprised of four players competing at a time. You're just asked random questions, anything ranging from history, math, science, current events, anything you can pretty much conceive of.

Last year, I was in the math team. And Miss Thomas, the math teacher, was the one who approached the students like me and got us to join a math team. We first competed in a district competition. And after we got first place, we can move on to the state competition. And in that competition, they gave us those set of multiple choice problems. And then a software contest, which is where they showed problems on the board. And we solve it in 30 seconds.

The Elementary Science Olympiad is where you go to Auburn, and you compete and do different activities. And we come up with an idea and then take it up there. In our science class, I was in a team with, I think, about three people. And we had to build a pasta-mobile. And we basically had to put it up on a ramp and see how far it would travel. And then the winner just gets a prize. It's pretty cool.

Competition breeds excellence, so that's always something I look forward to.

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