Welcome to Springwood


  • At Springwood School, students are taught to strive for academic excellence and to learn an appreciation for the hard work that goes into achieving.
  • 100% of Springwood graduates attend college. Springwood trains students to succeed in the most selective colleges and universities in the country.
  • Springwood seniors qualify for numerous higher education scholarships and competitive financial awards each year.
  • From small class sizes and top notch faculty, to first class academic and enrichment programs, a Springwood education, will help students succeed no matter where life leads them.

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Springwood has had a history of tremendous excellence, being recognized as one of the top schools in the state of Alabama. Two awards are provided there. One is called the President's Award. The President's Award is one that really is the most holistic approach, and it's one that only one school in our classification receives each year. We have won the most times in our classification over the history of the school.

In terms of ACT and SAT preparation, we offer teacher-led courses at our class that prepare them for those tests. And then for those students who do not have room in their schedule, they can actually do online courses.

Springwood Online is an opportunity for our students to do two things. One, if they have a situation where they have not gotten the credits they needed during this the academic year, they can then take courses to make up those credits. Number two, it also gives them the opportunity to take courses that we might not offer, because we do not have a faculty member here. Or the other thing is, we also have online courses that are dual credit.

At Springwood School, we offer a variety of dual-enrollment courses. Those courses are either online, they are offered on campus at local colleges and universities, and we also have dual-enrollment courses that are offered on our campus by Springwood teachers. Springwood college acceptance rates are basically 100%. Students are able to get into, maybe not their number-one school, but in one of their top three schools. So our students get into college.

In terms of scholarships, our students do exceedingly well, particularly for the size of school that we are. We most recently set an all-time high of $3.2 billion in scholarship offerings at Springwood. And we are looking to continue to increase those goals through our college preparatory program and counseling services as well.