Welcome to Springwood


  • At Springwood School, students are taught to strive for academic excellence and to learn an appreciation for the hard work that goes into achieving.
  • 100% of Springwood graduates attend college. Springwood trains students to succeed in the most selective colleges and universities in the country.
  • Springwood seniors qualify for numerous higher education scholarships and competitive financial awards each year.
  • From small class sizes and top notch faculty, to first class academic and enrichment programs, a Springwood education, will help students succeed no matter where life leads them.

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Springwood's academics are unique, I think, because of the environment on the campus, in the classroom. They're a priority at the school. Our students know that. Our teachers know that. Our families know that. And so the culture of the school-- obviously, if you're coming to Springwood-- it's you're going to learn. You're going to be expected to study hard and to do what the teacher asks you to do.

Well, we're a rigorous college prep program. And so all of our classes are designed for the students to be prepared, ultimately, for college. We have 12 AP courses that we offer, some of them in the classroom, some of them online.

All of our students come with some expectation that they might receive a college scholarship. And of course, we try to support that. The last three years at our school, we've set all-time record highs for scholarship offers, including the all-time record high of $3.2 million in scholarships.

Part of our design for the school is to be sustainable, and so we have to be creative. And one of the things we've done in that regard includes a new program, Springwood Online. And so we've developed, through different partnerships and platforms, that we can provide an education for our students from anywhere in the world, and it comes from right here at Springwood.

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